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Morphing while flying--Aft Swing Wing to Forward Swing Wing

L Edge

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Now that I rebuilt my past model (striped servo) and now have a full video, now I can say it can be done.

Working with foam has really open the field to make anything fly. Decided that no one has done a combination of swing wing aft(controlled by throttle position) to be able to move up the wing so it flies as a forward swept wing(again adjustable by throttle) while in flight. Completed this a couple of years ago, but flight was interrupted with servo problems. So no video, no go.


1) Mode 1--To take off with wing perpendicular to fuse.
2) Mode 2--1/2 throttle to full, wing will incremently sweep back from perp to forty five degrees at full throttle.
3) Mode 3--1/2 throttle to full, wing will incremently sweep forward from perp to 33 degrees forward at full throttle.
1/2 throttle was point to flip switch

Going to try:
1) launch with swept wing back.
2) launch with swept wing forward

Problems solved:
Redesigned the leading and edge wing angles and position of the servos so CG is stable in all conditions.
Solved stress problems on servoes as they rotate by using metal gears,( higher torque) and using graphite on bearing surfaces to reduce friction. Also reduced the speed of the servo which solved my problems.
Strengthen wing to reduce possibility flutter conditions.

Asked maybiz (RC Groups) if okay to modify his design and after his okay, this is the result.
Sorry, no paint job (should be black) and the graphite was needed to prove concept is possible.




L Edge

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Having a DX 9 radio made it quite simple to program the swing action. So no mixing was necessary.

Activate the pitch system in system setup. Then go to model and go to pitch curve.

1) Throttle position is X axis and is 0-100. Vertical is channel servo movement (say left wing) 0 to +100 where 50 center )in mode 1, so wing is perpendicular and in the center of arc, I want zero change all the way across throttle from close to full open.
Flight mode 1.jpg

Swing wing aft Mode 2.
With throttle fixed up to 50%, now I can flip the mode switch and now have the wing move aft as the throttle advances to 45 degrees back. All you do is now move the points till full open, the wing just touches the tail. I chose -42 and -96. If you want to add more points, you can. Notice I have a new curve(1) , not curve zero (above)
Flight mode 2.jpg
Flight mode 3.jpg

To swing the wing forward, the curve has to go upward. So set mode 3, curve 2 and after 50% throttle, your wing movement has to be above vertical 50. My forward swing arc is 33 degrees so you see I only go to 50.

Now do the same for the right wing movement and setup the 3 modes using the graph.

Will answer any questions on the programming as well.



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