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motor and prop for 5 inch 5 minute flight time quad?


I'm hoping to make a 5 inch quad with around 5-8 minute flight time.
My brother and I will be racing each other, but we don't need 200km/h speeds. We'll make some kinda track and have identical quads. FPV.
We won't be using go-pros. Perhaps the split cam.
For battery I'll try to find the most optimal choice between flight time and power output.
We'll have extra batteries.

I'm considering this Armattan mongoose frame because it weighs 61 grams. It's a little weaker than heavier frames, but because we're going a bit slower it may survive some crashes?

Perhaps this emax eco 2207 at 1700KV?

This motor recommends: EMAX AVAN Flow 5x4.3x3 Prop, but should I go duo-blade rather than tri-blade to reach a longer flight time?
Would I sacrifice too much maneuverability?

Going 3 Inch quad is also an option. I just feel it's kinda too small, and the 5 inch would be more fun.

Thanks for your advice in advance.


Wake up! Time to fly!
Racing and longer flight times do not exist. Unlike freestyle you will be into the throttle more steadily which is what eats up amps and thus reduces flight times.

I am a huge fan of emax motors. They can however suck some amps when improperly propped.

I have tried the avans on both my 5 inchers and a 2 inch gremlin. Cant say Im a fan.

You are going with low kv motors so designing around 6s set ups could get you into 3 to 5 minute "race" range.

Running weak props like 5x4x3 will reduce amp draw and give better cornering but top end speed will absolutly be boring to race with after a few months.

You may get the flight time you want at first but once your skills improve and your avg speed rises you will drop down in to that 2 min flights per pack range fairly quickly.

As for the splits or other similar cameras dont bother. They maybe ok on the hd side but for being abke to see when you fly they are absolute garbage in anything less then perfect light.

The separate run cam dvrs will do nicely for race footage to track progress or see where you need improvement. Again.. another thing in the quad drawing already limited available power.