Motor Issue (Please help me)....


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You might check your ESP that tell the motor what to do. Another thing you could check if you have a watt meter, measure the current flow you could have a bad battery.

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Also make sure no metal is showing on the bullet connectors, they will short across each other if not fully insulated.
Motor screws, as noted above, would be my prime suspect.


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Twitchy motors are a symptom of a communication problem between the ESC and the motor. Signals from the ESC to the motor are crossing lanes or being blocked.

Cold or broken solder joints at any point between the ESC and the motor should be prime suspect if the motor used to work, but after a crash or a build/rebuild it jitters.

Too long of motor mounting screws are a common issue, particularly on first builds. Sometimes the damage is permanent. Sometimes not. It depends on how much mashing happened inside the motor.

ESC programming determines the timing of the phases. Faster motors often need faster timings.

The big clues so far are:
It was working fine when I first tested it. After I mounted it on my build, the motor began twitching when I throttled up so I took it off and tested it again.

I concur with @FDS and @Wildthing. Too long of screws or a solder joint was broken or two phases were shorted during mounting. Don't forget to check for loose pads on the ESC. They can be easy to break off when moving wires around during a build.

Never push a jittery motor by throttling up. Smoke happens FAST... :censored:

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