Motor starts only at half throttle


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Hey all,

I'm brand new in the hobby.

-> Made myself the FT simple cub (loved the build!!)
-> Bought the necessary electronics of of hobbyking (orange receiver - hk 35A ESC)
-> Succeeded to bind my spektrum dx6i tx after programming it (for as far as I could)
-> all works fine except that my motor starts turning only at half throttle

Does anybody know what I need to do?? It is quite annoying...



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Have you calibrated your ESC?

If you haven't what you do is first REMOVE YOUR PROP. Then turn on your Tx and push the throttle all the way to full. Next plug in the battery for the plane, you should hear a few beeps coming from the ESC. After you hear the beeps lower the throttle all the way down to the bottom and wait for a few more beeps. It should now be ready to go!


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Good luck with the Maiden !

According to my favorite weather website, winds in Belgium will be calm for a few hours next Friday afternoon. Ask your boss to leave early that day ;-)



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Welcome to the forums @aaronleterme
A successful 1st maiden! How did you do that?!?! I don’t want you to think we’re all a bunch of vultures waiting for videos of dead RC model aircraft to be posted. That being said, when I was preparing to fly my 1st maiden I did get a couple of requests for a video of the flight. Well, I was far too busy trying to fly to video the disastrous conclusion of my 1st maiden. Good on you for your successful 1st effort.