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Motor stuttered at full throttle?


Gang, I know I'm having a overheat issue, at least thats what my fingers are telling me. A little help please, we were at the park trying to maiden Mikeys FPV v3 and as soon as we went full throttle to get some lift the motor started stumbling. Plane never got on plane lol Motor is Grayson, the current ESC is theirs as well and so are the batteries.

SPEED 480/500 size airplanes, but provides much more power

A powerful motor for its size perfect for planes up to 35 oz using 3S li-poly pack (11.1V). Perfect for 30-40 oz warbirds using 3S (11.1V)

Motor Stats:
Wire Winds / Turns: 12
Li-Po Battery: 2 / 4 cells
RPM per volt: 1500
Max efficiency: 80%
Max efficiency current: 10 - 27A (>75%)
No Load Current / 10V: 1.6A
Max Watts 250W
Max Current: 30A / 60 sec
Dimension: 27.5 x 30mm
Shaft 4.00mm
Weight: 70g
Recommended ESC: Grayson Hobby 30Amp
Recommended Model Weight: 15-45oz
Recommended Prop: APC 8 x4 (3S - 11.1V)

ESC 30 amp, tried two different ones and both got to hot to touch during bench test

Battery 3S 3000mAh, 3S 1600mAh, both 11.1v

Prop: first one 10x4.7 pusher, second one tried 8x6 puller with motor running in reverse.

With the larger prop both engine and ESC got to hot to touch, with the smaller prop the ESC got pretty hot pretty quick. Again these were bench tests so no air was flowing over motor or esc.

Any suggestions? Is it normal for an ESC to get that hot?

Thanks for taking the time to assist,



Old age member
The recommended prop is 8*4 and you are using larger props.
Get the recommended prop and mount the ESC with good cooling from the propeller wind.
There is a power dissipation in the ESC and it needs cooling in any case so it will get warm (not hot).