Motors twitching with transmitter, but not twitching when in Betaflight?


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Howly mowly , 3rd flight and already going Charpu !!! nice one .

Next weekend I am taking out my FT210 also .Looks like I have the same specs as you do (better set + spektrum :) )

Once again thanks for the help!


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Haha, I wish like Charpu. I really like the way Mr. Steele flies. I need to get more comfortable close to the ground. I need to tune it when I get more fluid. Here is some video from my second flight. I got a nice tree dive in toward the end.


Ok. Good to see you worked it out. The reason for this issue is that the NAZE32 rev6 (the latest one) has a MPU6500 gyro chip which is very sensitive to vibration. These days we have a feature in the ESCs called Dampened Light (where it actively slows down the motors to the correct speed when you reduce the throttle. This causes a sudden movement and lots of vibration. This in turn makes the flight controller freak out thinking the quad is moving and it tried to rapidly compensate causing the cycle to start all over again. Mounting the flight controller with O rings reduced the amount of vibration getting to the flight controller.



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Smooth run from the motor tab followed by jittery run when under the TX control means your control loops are reacting (overreacting) to some mechanical noise in the environment.

Usual suspects for this kind of thing are . . . poorly mounted control board (room to wobble or shake freely, or not solidly mounted), poor vibration isolation (some frames don't need it, some do), Overtuned PID's, poorly balanced motors and poorly balanced props.

To know which it is, we'll need more info. See what you can find, and if the issue doesn't pop out at you, post some pics of your build and we can dig deeper.
HI Guys,

I am a newbie and have a custom build using speedybee 405 stack with betaflight 4.4. everything updated but have the same issue. Perfectly smooth motor run up on from the motors tab, but when connected to the radio, tries to shake itself to pieces?

Previoulsy mentioned were overtuned PID and Board mounting issues?

How do I correct overtuned PID and are the boards meant to be solid mount?

I am still building parts for the boards, but have them mounted to PCB substrate with gromets supplied and screws, then cable tied to battery and frame.

Any help much apprciated.