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New member
Hey guys, Tomorrow is the first day of Movember, its a month where men all around the world grow moustaches and raise money to go towards men's health issues. From prostate cancer to mental health problems and everything in between. It began in my home country of Australia and has since grown to cover the globe. I've been growing a horrible mo for a number of years now.

Here is my Mo space page.
Feel free to come along and watch my moustache grow more glorious as the month goes on, and I look more seedy as the month goes on lol. While there if you would like to donate some money that'd be really awesome, even if its only a couple of dollars. It all goes to a great cause. If you're not the donating of money kind of guy, or don't have anything to spare, you could always do what I do, donate your face and grow your own moustache for the month.

Movember is not just about raising money for mens health, its about raising awareness about men's health problems. As guys most of us don't talk about the things troubling us. And as such. How are you feeling?


Dedicated foam bender
I sport a goatee as my normal look, but I'll be willing to stop trimming the 'stache for a month to see what I end up with.