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  1. A

    Drone/Model Aircraft Parachute Feedback

    I am currently in an engineering class where me and my team need to come up with an idea and develop it through the engineering process. I am posting this to see how the people of this community would feel about our idea. So our teams idea is a parachute pack that can be attached to both drones...
  2. D

    Educated Guess on Quality of batteries?

    I have a 3s 2200mah 30a discharge lipo and a 2s 1750mah 25a lipo for my quad and 2 planes. These are the only two batteries I've ever had, as I'm not that deeply involved in the RC hobby. I haven't used them in a year because I don't have a liscence yet and biking to the nearest field with an FT...
  3. Konrad

    A Rant over MotionRC

    Not sure this is the best place to post this. But as most of MotionRC's sales are Warbirds here goes. Do NOT patronize MotionRC if you can at all avoid it! MotionRC is only interested in selling you their junk. (Really nothing new for corporate America). It isn’t so much that the...
  4. Konrad

    Prop Safety (Safe tip speeds for component props Freewing, Flight line, FMS)

    Greetings All, I’m new the this forum but have been in the hobby for many decades, read since 1969 ouch! My concern is that I just witnessed a prop failure at my field. The propeller was of a construction that is new to me. It is where the individual blades are held on to a plastic disk...
  5. D

    Multirotor / Drone safety

    I'd like to know how the community's views and thoughts on how multirotors and other small hobby RPAS could be made safer. Whether it be systems for the drones such as anything from rotor guards to parachutes or for pilots concerning gaining prior experience or having some sort of AI hand...
  6. SanKouKai

    How to pilot a quad in the safest condition in case of fly away ?

    How to control a quad in the safest condition in case of fly away ? Hi, this is my first time on this forum and i'm a newbie in the quadcopter world ! First of all sorry about my English. So, I just finished (and crashed) my first quadcopter. And even if I tried, before flying, to get the...
  7. M

    How scared are you of something going wrong with your multirotor?

    I am new to the game. I admit it. Yet still, I have been flying for 2 years now (on and off. - Mostly off). I had an AR Drone which felt stable, then I had a bunch of micro quads, and now I have a massive QAV250 with basically the most expensive hardware. I have not yet put FPV on it, but I just...
  8. Maingear

    Multicopter Strikes Passanger Jet

    :mad: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=ac3_1435080329 What an idiot! I hope the pilot is caught and prosecuted! There is no excuse for this stupidity! I return and land as soon as I think there may be traffic in my area, and I don't fly over 400'! There are near misses reported constantly to...
  9. S

    Help needed! First time FPV event in Belgium

    Hi, In about month Belgium will have it's first ever drone convention (http://www.droneconvention.eu/). There will be various speakers talking about safety, regulations, security and applications of drones. Even the Belgian minister of defense is going to talk BUT... as you can already guess...
  10. VolksRocket

    Aerospace Vehicle Operation Guidelines

    Hi, Here is a minimum set of Aerospace Vehicle Operation Guidelines for RC and AC to follow and comment on. We have been using these for over 30 years. 1. Aerospace Vehicles will be operated in such a manner as to give way to any other Aerospace Vehicle. 2. Aerospace Vehicles will be operated...
  11. ofiesens2

    Puffed battery

    I recently found that I had puffed the 3 cell battery from my stock Super Cub LP. Are there any specific disposal methods that I should take to avoid a house fire or some other dangerous event? Also, I plan on getting some new 3s 1300mAh batteries from hobbyking, but I believe those come with a...
  12. Hionimi

    Parachute to rescue a drone, mounting questions.

    Hi, it seems the law in my country (Netherlands) is about to enforce parachute systems on drones, I'm cool with that and would love to get something like that as not only does that qualify me to fly legally, but also prevents damage to anything and anyone which is great! :cool: Now, there are...
  13. O

    Over-Charging Lipo Batteries

    Hey Guys! I know you're suppose to charge your Lipo batteries to no more than 4.2 V per cell (so for 3S, its 12.6 Volts), BUT is there a way to SAFELY charge a Lipo battery above this limit? Thanks!
  14. Hionimi

    Hand-launching quads?

    Hi, just a quick question, I wish to know if it's pretty do-able to hand-launch quads. I see people do it, but mostly with smaller quads. I have a 450mm sized one and sometimes there is just not a good place to take off and land, like too tall or wet grass for example. Seeing my quads has a pair...
  15. U

    Pre-Flight Checks

    So many times I see people do the standard "Stick Waggle" prior to taking a plane out to the flight line and they look to see that everything is moving! This only proves that the plane is connected to the TX, not that the plane will go the way the pilot wants!! Well, this is not a true test...