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My failed maiden.


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This is the failed maiden of my cub type plane.

it seemed to balance ok at about 30% back from the leading edge of the wing but would twist and turn out of control
during and after takeoff .
This is my first build and would appreciate any input or criticism.
Any thoughts ?

Still to tail heavy mabey ?
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Don't feel bad. For me that is a typical maiden. Lol. Mine are starting to get better though. I suspect two things. Looks a little tail heavy yet. I'm also thinking the thrust is pulling you off to the left. I would adjust the rudder right some and see what happens. Hang in there. You'll get it!


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It also looked like it was probably a touch too windy for such a light/small plane... but it's hard to tell without the audio from the session!


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After watching the video, (something I rarely do), I could make a few suggestions to assist you getting it airborne successfully.

Whilst the plane may be a little tail heavy I do not think that being tail heavy is your real problem.

Try increasing the right thrust and the down thrust of the motor by using a few shims behind the motor mount, AND.............
Try slowly increasing the throttle to gain more ground speed before trying to lift off. If necessary run the plane along on its main wheels for 20 of so metres before attempting to lift off.

Lifting off too soon possibly in combination with maximum throttle and low speed will invariably lead to a roll and crash at worst and lots of scuff marks if you are lucky.

Pity you could not make it to Deagon we could help you sort it out in person!

Have fun!