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My first 450 flight!

About 3-4 weeks ago I met up with 2 fellow rc fanatics and we had a little indoor heli fly in you cold say :rolleyes:
One of the guys there who was really big into helis let me fly his metal exi 450 before maidening mine so I knew what flying one felt like. It started out with a couple of jumps off the ground until I could hover in place for more than a minute. That's when I finally broke out my exi plastic 450 and gave it a shot. She took right off on the maiden no problems at all! Even the gyro was set right on!

That flight was in normal mode- No idle up just yet lol! My buddy did let me try a few flights in idle up on his heli though which was fun.
But recently my motor's been having some problems. She's grounded for now until I can get a replacement motor. The current one is stuttering when I pump the throttle... Weird.

Anyway, besides like 5 minutes of stick time on an mcpx, this is my first cp flight. I've had the blade 120sr for about 6 months and practiced heavily on that beforehand


Junior Member
First off, congrats on your first CP flight! From here on now you won't be going back to Fixed Pitch or Co-Axial - No pitch, no fun! :p

The mcpx is a great learning tool, virtually indestructible, but imho gets boring once you get more and more comfortable with the 450 size.

Investing in a sim, like Phoenix RC (currently on v4) is highly recommended, not only to speed up the learning process but also to keep you wallet from turning into a black hole. God know how many times, the stick time on the sim saved my helis from dumb-thumbing your shiny heli into the ground/tree/wall what have you.


Senior Member
Great job man, not everyone "gets" it. :applause: You seem to be a natural.

I'm not sure idle up is a good idea indoors as a newbie anyway, dumping the throttle in a panic doesn't turn it "off"...

You seem to have a good grasp on keeping "in the box", now get comfy with that tail! Left 45*, right 45*, then....nose in!

If you have access to a sim I'd highly recommend it, you'll progress by leaps and bounds every time you get on the real sticks after sim time.