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My first scratchbuild - The Event 3D


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
Hey guys,

I´m Anas, (my first post yay)

just wanted to introduce you to my latest/newest plane I got/built.

So up to now I only flew two other planes. I started flying with an Multiplex Easystar (of my brother) and went on straight away to a Parkzone Extra 300 (the first plane which acutally belongs to me ;) ), which is a pretty tough plane to fly. So now I wanted to get back to something slow but I didn´t want to loose the ability to perfom with it. So I found a plan on the internet (It is full plan with description of how to do what whit pictures and explaining everything really good) After one week of intense building, which means I sat there at least 3 hours if not more per day building the Event 3D.

Now my first flight with it was really nice. I was pretty scared first as I didn´t know how its gonna fly and if I´m capable of handling it at all. Even though I was prett worried about crashing it, I started.

My first trial went straight into the ground. As soon as the plane lifted of the battery connectors weren't soldered properly so it fell down and reconnected it self.

I was wondering but after a quick fix I fly it and it flew and flew and so on. If you want you can fly it so slow that you can nearly walk next to it without needing to go into a harrier! Learning 3D is soo easy with it.

Do you know when someone keeps telling you: "Yeah my plane flies like a train on railroads"
Thats pretty much how I would describe flying this babe. It will stay in the position you leave it in for ever.

It is awesome to fly and great fun too cause you can you use DR firstly for gettin to know the plane and later on just DR completely off and use the full rudders and ailerons which all are designed pretty big.

So for everyone trying to get into the part of this hobby where he wants to build something himself instead of keep buying stuff (I mean you´ll still have to buy the electronics but never mind) this is the right way to go.

So here is a quick video of it for everyone, hope you enjoy it:
(Sorry for the bad camera and filming skills but my brother can´t really take videos properly and I don´t see the point in making a really well edited video if the videoquality is bad)

Unfortunately last week my dad asked if you he fly one of them so I told him yes because I can´t really say "no" to my dad as he is the one making it possible for me the live this hobby. So I let him fly and as I knew it he crashed. The wings both came to front of the nose and the nose itself was completely burst into pieces of depron. I was really angry about not being able to just say no but you just can´t do anything about it anymore anyway.

However, I am going to build the plane again and if you would like me to make some kind of a "test" or a just show you loads f pictures of me building it, I would do, but only if there are actually some people interested in seeing them cause otherwise I won´t put the effort in it.


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Crazy flyer/crasher :D
Okay, I´ll hopefully sooner rather then later start building the Event 3D again. It is quite an amount of work, but I want to do it really nice and maybe give it a paintjob. In about 1 and half weeks, holidays are gonna start here in Germany and It is going to take probably a week to build, so I´ll post pictures of each day and progress.


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Looking forward to the progress.

I looked at the video you shared from YouTube. Nice flying. How do you like your DX-6i? Anything positive or negative worthy to mention? I started a thread on it and I'm thinking about replacing the DX-5 my son has with a 6i but I've lost some confidence with Spektrum. Still, I see so many people using them that certainly there must be some opinions out there.
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Man you are going thru and resurrecting everything lately. You looking for something specific by chance? Last post was 6 years ago for a reason hehe.


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Old stuff definitely is cool. Every now and then I like to go in the mad scratch builders section and just peruse the history form the first few posts.