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MY Flitetest Dream (Giant Scale R/C build and fly)

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I start this thread to see if anyone shares my dream of a Flitetest giant scale build and fly project. I think the 2 Joshes would really bring some great insight and give me inspiration to tackle a big plane. The last few months of videos have been OK but I got into R/C after seeing a giant scale Mustang take to the air. Man what presence those things have in the air, EPO just doesn't fly right.

I reckon spending a few months building and flying a giant scale R/C plane like a B26 or a B25 would make for some great viewing.

I know that FT will make giant scale look easy.


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Yup - and a weekly/bi-weekly build video until it's done. However, let's remember, these guys are already RIDICULOUSLY busy - both personally and privately. Making normal vids for the guys that like them for the normal stuff (foamies, projects) is enough work.

Totally agree with you, but I'm just trying to be realistic is all! They all have 9-5s. I personally couldn't find time to do what they do now even.


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HAHAHA If I lived in Ohio I would love to do that for them - build a large flying machine out of balsa wood and ply - from plans. Do all the detailing work too. And then get to see Bixler fly it!

I would really like to be the next swede to get locked up in Chad's basement!

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Agreed. We viewers already have pretty high demands of these guys. I would like to see Bixlers balsa talents. In fact....

Chad, Josh or Josh,
If you're reading this, how about a tour of Bixlers private collection. I believe someone said he's been doing this for 20 years or so, I bet he has some really cool planes he's built before Flitetest. Maybe some commentary about his favorites, his less than favorites and maybe some favorite moment type story telling. I think that would be cool.


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The current stuff they are producing isn't really that compelling, I can't see where the show is going if it continues down its current path. A long term build will give them a narrative to work on and of course once they get it flying they can go into some detail about flight tuning. We can ask questions about the build via the forums and see the answers as part of the show.

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There are already a lot of narrative videos of people building such things such as this one

I think it would be a lot of fun to see that type of build with the production value of flitetest but it would be a full time job to do such things with that quality. Maybe if they get big enough, but I doubt we'll see it.


And, I totally disagree with the comment that the current episodes aren't compelling. Flitetest puts out episodes that we can all benefit from, particularly the newer folks to RC. I can't relate to a giant scale RC plane. If I am to go that route (and I have plans to go that route, soon), I will build an airplane I can fly from the left seat!


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Agreed. Most of their episodes are now very helpfully focused on helping the new fellow in RC which, if I remember correctly, is what was planned for this year/season. Again if I remember correctly, last year was more of the experimental season. However, I would like to see some more episodes with bigger challenges, like the Flying Turkey and Flying Brick. Of course not all of these projects work out and as we have seen, it seems like either they ran out of time, in the case of the big combat plane, or it just did not work, in the case of the rocket plane.
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I wouldn't say there's much to benefit from every single episode, for me personally. My interests are much broader than scratch built planes out of foam board. I really enjoy the tips shows such as the repairing monokote which is how I found them in the first place, and the challenge shows like the flying turkey and the bixler, breaking glass and the champ challenge. Those are the shows that keep me coming back. Also the reviews of things like the nitro P51 and other big planes.


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The giant scale build is epic and something I want to do one day. That B1 thread is 93 pages long plus the videos :cool: Flying a brick doesn't hold much interest for me, I mean once you have done it, you have done it. The building and flying tips are always interesting as you never know what you might learn. The California trip was a good example of a show with a narrative, you could tell that everyone was having fun.