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My FT Baby Blender


Just thought I'd put something up on my new FT Baby Blender.

I'm Relatively new to the hobby, a little over a year into it. This is my second FT swappable and has already been infinitely more successful than my previous effort(a seriously overweight FT3D).

Specs, picture and video(hacked together by a mate of mine) of the very reserved maiden flight below. Please forgive the terrible landing, just put it down to a bit of durability testing, dusted it off and flew it again straight away no problem. Enjoy!:cool:

Specs/Major components:

FT Baby Blender Speed Built Kit
NTM 2826 1350kv
30 Amp Turnigy Plush ESC
3 x Turnigy TG9e 9g Servos (HXT900's weren't in stock)
9x4.7 Prop
I fly it on 3s.