My FT Tiny Trainer Scratch Build (was: Old Plans...New Plans....????)


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She has become an ARF!



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I'd like to begin my 3 part apology by saying your plans are absolutely beautiful and the entire issue of printing is on my end, as I had suspected from the beginning. That's why I went ahead and paid for Acrobat, mostly because I knew it would be the quickest fix. As stated, I messed with Inkscape and most of the freebies before I went ahead and bought it.

Confession, I'm running on 10+ year old hardware (Inspiron 530, maxed out with very decent but OLD video card) and Windows 7 Ultimate. Please be kind, I'm on a fixed income. lol

Finally, I apologize for the use of foul language. I was wrong and knew it, but also knew it would get the attention of the moderators. Old habit...I will do better.

I confirmed it was my end when I printed out the plans for the Mini Sportster. Yeah, I'm hooked HARD.

Those 3 batteries are charged and I will be flying high momentarily. hehehe



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I have been modifying the Tiny Trainer since building the trainer wing, which apparently has a warp that I can't see. I discovered the wing was the issue when I tried my hand at building a KFm-3 wing. The KFm-3 is sooo easy to build and works GREAT.

With the trainer wing, I had to dial in all available right trim to keep it somewhat straight, and it still seemed to want more. I straightened the Z-bend at the control horn and put on a linkage stopper so I can adjust the throw mechanically. I put on my new KFm-3 wing and I had to trim all the way back. I assumed I had the tail section built crooked, never stopped to consider it was the wing.

My chord is 7.5 inches and the length was supposed to be ~29.75 (width of a sheet of FB), it's more like 28.75 as I missed center by exactly one inch. It's shorter, but fatter than the trainer wing and still has more wing area even with the missing inch. Dihedral is same as the trainer wing. I flew it today, two packs, and it's doing real nice.

Oh yeah, cut a battery hatch on top of the fuse, just in front of the wing, and added a make-shift cowl (lol).

Ok, enough with the dribble drabble and on with the pics!