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my transition to a real heli, the Blade SR (not a huge heli but not a micro lol)


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so a few days ago i transitioned up in helicopters, i got semi-comfortable flying the blade MSR and got tired of flying the tiny thing and my batteries started to die out on me, so i moved up in the world, and bought the SR. getting it set up on my DX6I was a bother and a half so i called horizon and they set me up. and so i flew it, and thirty seconds in i wrecked it lol. back to the shop for new blades and a blade grip. got that done and i went back to flying it. got it trimmed out, gyro tuned half-ways decent, and running about our Heavy Equipment shop on base (slow simple hovers and some fore-aft and side to side flights), then when im messing around in a low hover +/- 1' off the ground and my tail motor burns out i got it down soft no damages. had about 3-4 minutes in the air and getting comfortable in a hover, but now i have to wait again. i did call horizon and they are sending me not 1 but 2 motors free of charge! best customer service ever lol. so i think once i get the gremlins out of it ill start to advance my helicopter chapter in my R/C life. overall i like the heli, its stable enough, and big enough, plus its got symmetrical blades and CCPM so hopefully a long way down the road i can learn mayby a simple flip or something fun like that.

ANY tips warnings and simple advice is appreciated!

wish me tons of luck!


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I had a Blade SR. Sold it and miss it. Its not the best heli - the tail can be a pain as it is motor driven, and it certainly doesn't like wind (any flip in wind will blow out the tail as the motor can't keep up) - but it works well for training and general flying about.

If you've snapped a blade grip you've likely done a feathering shaft also. Simple and reasonably cheap fix.

Also, cheaper, non-genuine blades are available from deal extreme and places like that.

Any CP heli student should use a sim. I rate Phoenix but not bad is Heli Sim RC - especially as its free!



PS - Here is a good thread:


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well the feathering shaft was ok somehow... but the main shaft needs replaced so ill do it once my tail motor comes in. ill probably actually swap my blades to the non symmetrical ones that came on my CP+ from years back but they seem to be the same size, and will create better lift. stil waiting on my motors now so im hoping they get here soon and i dont screw that up replacing it lol


You are flirting with disaster, Jesse. Once you get used to those unnatural, single-rotored flying machines, you'll be tempted to go to multi-copters. When that happens, another good pilot will have been lost to the dark side. Stop flirting with the dark-side.

Flying things are supposed to have wings.

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Fly the wings off
Rotory Wing Aircraft=Challenging, Fun, AWESOME!!

Get really good at checking your setup before each flight. Check your blade tracking, balance your blades.

I found that my mSR was key in learning to fly my Blade 400 well. I found that my 400 got easier when I could do high speed figure eights around the gym with my msr and do scale type landings. The orientation and controls are the same so make your mistakes with the mSR.