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My Versa I call "Hazmzt"

My Versa I call "Hazmzt" is no more... "Round 3" Update 12/17/13

A 3 day build resulted in a Versa called "Hazmat" due to the Hazardous yellow/black tape used. It's ready to fly except now the weather is not cooperating...:( This one is hand cut, not a kit and there is no paper on the foam. Power is from a "Zippy" 2200mah 11.1 Lipo thru a 40 amp Esc turning a GH 2212-10 motor spinning a 7x5 APC prop. This power package has good power and performance and has flown several of my planes. Hopefully the weather will change and I'll get a chance to get it out flying and some video of it... Mudman1959


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Well the first flight was a quick one! Started out good but then went south real quick... Had a servo come un-glued and a instant spin into the ground resulted as you can see in the video. Good News!!! It's all fixed and ready for round 2. Rechecked the COG and reduced the throws a bit more so we will see this afternoon... Mudman1959
Well.. Round 2 was not any better in fact it was worse. I broke it in half... Good news! Round 3 is coming along good and I hope to have it flying soon. The original design had a flat bottom and my redesign now has a fully symetrical airfoil with a beefed up spar and both the top and bottom are now completly clear taped for additional strength without the added weight. The round 3 design reminds me of a "Blue Fan Fold" wing I did severals years back and was my first wing. It will still look like the Versa but I hope just a little better. Photos to come and maybe some video... Mudman1959
Round 3...

Well it's done and I'm ready for Round 3... Built this one with a symmetrical airfoil and some reinforcements in the critical areas. I also turned the Elevons around the other direction on a recommendation from a friend. The weather is supposed to be nice tomorrow so we will see how this one will do. I need to double check the final balance and the throws and in the air it goes... we will see what it does.


We have a Flyer!!!! I braved the snow drifts and the frozen toes and fingers and threw "Round 3" up in the air. A few clicks of down and right and it was trimmed out and flying good. It flies with very little throttle input and climbs good under throttle. Power off glide is not too bad and it has the chance of being a good sloper. As I get used to it I will gradually add in more throws on the controls as I did notice the roll was not as quick as I would like. I did take a couple of videos of it flying but the camera was pointing down to low to catch to plane so I'll have to recruit my Son to take the video for me. Mudman1959