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MZ-12 help with ailerons

New build, FT Simple scout. Both ailerons are elevated a little high. I centered both servos and they are both riding at the same height. How do I lower them. Looked through the manual and I guess my eyes are not as good as they used to be because I could not find the answer. Do not want to use trim to lower them or cut out the control horns, or add push rod connectors if I do not have to.

No need to change the plane. Go to the SERVO SETT. menu, press enter. You'll see S1 down through S6. Your ailerons should be on channel 2 if you're using a Y-connector, or channels 2 and 5 if you have it with each aileron plugged into the receiver. Either way, go down to S2, then go right to the 3rd column. It will read 0%. Press enter and the square will turn black and the 0% white. Press the up or down key to change the value. Watch the aileron(s). When it (they) centers, press enter again and you're done. If you have both ailerons plugged into the receiver, do channel 2 as stated above, the go down to S5 and do it the same way you did the other channel. Make sure your trims are centered on the face of the mz-12 before you do all this, else it'll be off when you use the trim. Hope I was clear enough with all that. If not, let me know and I'll find the page in the instructions. On second thought, I looked it up just now. Pages 22 through 24. Good luck.
Edit: Almost forgot. There's a good video the FT guys put out on the mz-12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Nhd9-x7avY&t=7s The part on Servo Settings is around the middle of the video.
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Glad it helped. I got to thinking about this and wondered if you remembered to set your m.type + quick menu for the ailerons. When you click that menu selection, it takes you to model type. Click that and you get motor at C1 where you set the throttle cut to a switch. Below that is tail type and below that aile/flap. Hit enter on that one and you can select 1ail1fl, 2aile, 2ail1fl. You set the number of servos you're using here, and the radio automatically sets a path for programming/mixing based on your selection. It won't work the way you want if you forget to set this. If you already knew this, my apologies for being redundant. All that begins at page 11 of the manual.
Not sure. I am working on this tomorrow and will let you know. It is a brand new radio, receiver and was bound together already. So I really did not have to do anything. It even has a switch set to cut off for me already. Still very new and spoiled from my plug and play stuff. Thank you again for the help.
Well gave it a good try but now all the zero's are off lol. Not sure why it is not working right. So I did the first suggestion and all it did was move one. Then I followed the second and all it did was move the other. Tried taking off the Y and putting one in ch2 and the other in ch5 now they move in the same direction and when I change ail type it one or both move depend on setting all in the same direction. I think I am going to try and zero it out and use adjustable push rod connectors. Love the Graupner but no one is near me that uses them. Everyone is using spektrum

Thank you Ray K for trying to help I greatly appreciate it.

P.S. With the plane unplugged I was able to zero out the radio and now it is back to square one. All it has is a 1/4 of an inch lift in the ailerons. If only I can figure our a way to zero it out.
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Are dual rates set up on the tx?That can really limit the control responses. I got a new 40 inch P-51D yesterday and, realizing I was going to need a gear channel, had to take an aileron out of channel 5 and y-harness them into ch. 2. That also meant I had to go back to model sett. and tell it I was now in a 1ail1flap configuration. That kinda sounds like one of your problems, only one of the harnessed ailerons will work if set up the other way. No doubt it is a complex unit and I'm still trying to learn because the radio is worth it to me.
Thank you sir. They are worth it to me as well. Also I want to use what I have and love the telemetry. I will check that and give it a try.
ok... well I rebound the radio and added a new model with name for my Scout..... did the ch2 and ch5 set up and it worked out great in regards to zeroing them both ailerons out. However no matter which model type I enter only one aileron moves and can not for the life of me.... figure out why. Was able to hook back up the Y harness and they are back to an even 1/4 inch lift. Hmmmmm..... starting to get a little frustrated but I do have linkage stoppers on the way. Love my radio and all it has to offer but this part is a little vexing. But linkage stoppers seem to be an easy fix to get my first ever flight under my belt.
I'm on your side with the linkage stoppers. I also like the little clevis-pin things. With the years, my fine motor controls are starting to fail me and the manipulation involved with bending wire push-rods is not working well. The aileron y-harness should work for you in channel 2, so it may be anything from programming to open wiring or bad servos. Also, with the Graupner system you can really set almost any channel to do any job. That's still a little beyond my poor skills at this point, but I plan to get there. I'm also thinking about buying an mz-12 Pro. It's only $50 more than a straight mz-12, but gives you 12 channels and that appeals to me.
Yea this radio is wonderful. I feel you on the appendages as my thumb index and middle finger go numb from time to time so it can be a little difficult. I am building three of these.... so it is my hope I can figure out what may have happened. The pro looks nice and almost picked one up but we have 3 mz12's and 1 MZ24. These are our plane and versa copter radios. Saving up for the kids to use FrSky's to do racing quads as they offer small receivers and a ton of videos to trouble shoot.

Thank you sir for all your help. I am hoping my first ever flight will be a success.