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Help! Naze 32 to Spektum

I am rebuilding a crashed Versacopter with a AiroFlight 32 (Naze 32) board. I am trying to get it to talk to my Spektrum AR 610 receiver.
From the multiple wires (all but one are single) where do they plug into the receiver?(blue, purple, yellow.... to throttle, ail, etc)
I assume the ClearFlight settings for PWM?

Your help is appreciated.

Kim N.


Eternal Student
The Naze has the PWM inputs labelled 1-8, they can be mapped any way you like in Cleanflight. Spektrum is usually TAER1234, so channel 1 gets throttle, 2 is ailerons, 3 is elevator, 4 is rudder.

You are correct that the receiver type is set to PWM in Cleanflight.