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Need advice. Radial motor and 3 blade prop, esc specs.

So I went to the field to maiden my FT Corsair last weekend and put the FT Radial w/3 blade 9x7.5 prop on it with the 35A FT B/C pack esc. and a 4s 2250. After about 1-2mins in the air of a few full throttle loops and passes the fail safe on the ESC kicked in and I had to land dead stick. Brought the plane back to the stand, luckily in one piece and opened up to find the ESC had melted off the double stick tape mount and was super hot. Motor felt warm but by no means burning hot.

Gave it some time to cool down and figured I would give it another go but this time keep the throttle around 50%. After about 3 mins of conservative flying again I lost power and had to land dead stick, landed fine and uneventful.

Question is I just threw a watt meter on the setup and swapped to a 70A esc I had off another plane and here is what I got at full throttle. Ran for about 1 minute total, not at full the whole time just running through a typical 1 minute of flying.


I couldn't find the watt req on the FT Radial to know if that's over it's limit. Seemed like it had a lot of power and didn't flinch when I gunned it. ESC was warm to touch after the 1 min test but the motor seemed a bit warmer then I would expect. Obviously it was a static test and the airflow would cool it down so I may be a skewed result. I've seen a few others with 3 blade props on their Corsairs and love the scale look which is why I threw it on there. I know props have a huge effect on the loads for the esc and motor and just want to know as I couldn't find anyone talking about their 3 blade setup and what they are running. Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated. I'd prefer not to put this setup back in the air until I get some better data or advice from others.




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Given that the motor was only warm but the 35A ESC was melting and your max amps under test was 42A, then I would think you are fine if you fly with a 60A (or greater) ESC.

If you are worried you could try flying on 3S and see if the performance is satisfactory.