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Need help! Am I setup for failure???

Hello everyone, I have been doing a little research on the web and on here but still can't find a straight answer. I am building a quadcopter and I think I have bought too low of C rating batteries for the setup. Everything was purchased together from hobbyking and will have no previous use (batteries are new). Here is everything I plan on putting in the setup:

-Two Turnigy 2200mah 3s 20C batteries
-Four DT750 motors, draw max 18amps each with 11" props. (I will actually be running the 8X4.5 SF props)
-Four Turnigy ESC's each rated at 25amp

So if I am correct, 4 DT750's together will pull a max of 72amps (4X18amp) full throttle. The battery is 2200mah with 20C means (2200mah X 20C = 44amps). Can I run 2 2200mah in parallel to give me the same voltage of 11.1v I need but increasing the amp capacity to 88amps be efficient and safe???

***please be nice, I am still a noob to this hobby, yes I did search already***


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Yes parallel is one way if it will handle the extra weight. Always buy a 40C or higher for multicopters is the best solution. :)



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I believe that you will be far off the 18 amps/11" with your 8" props. However low C-ratings are never smart - (unless for TX batteries).
So I should be okay with parallel setup? Even if I'm not going to be anywhere near 18amps a motor I am going to run in parallel just in case to take care of my lipo's. I now know to pay more attention to the c rating on batteries more. When Josh Bixler built his h-quad the reference guide build list is a link to a 25c 3s 2200mah, so I think they need to make a few videos covering batteries in detail better when they build their planes/copters. I will take your advice and start buying all my batteries no lower then 40C from here on out with 2200mah and larger. Thanks pgerts and Tritium.


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When Josh Bixler built his h-quad the reference guide build list is a link to a 25c 3s 2200mah...
But have you seen some of Josh's batteries? :black_eyed:

The higher C rating will be better for unexpected amp draw, will let you move to more powerful motors without worry, and since the batteries usually end up being one of the things your model will depend on, You can afford to spend a little more. It will be much cheaper in the long run...

Run them in parallel for now but I would put aside some funds for a single higher amp and C rated battery (I say single meaning to run one at a time, not 2 in parallel, but I tend to buy my packs in pairs so one can be charging when I am flying the other. 3 is even better if your budget allows).