Offer FliiteTest Versacopter and all the goodies

Greetings Everyone. I have a multirotor versa copter that I purchased from Flite Test several years ago. It is still essentially new as I quickly discovered I had no talent for flying it or any other type of RC aircraft. I would be selling the multirotor, transmitter, 3 li-po batteries, 2 complete sets of replacement props, a prop balancer, and a foam lined hard case to carry it all.

I will ship within the United States but shipping costs will be added to the sale price plus if you want insurance on the package. I believe I paid about $700 all in when I purchased it and considering that by todays standards it is an antique and out dated I am going to ask $450. There i probably less than an hours wear and tear on the Quad, I had a friend test fly it for me and he let me crah his, repeatedly, and it is in very good condition and there is no reason it could not be updated to more advanced avionics. If you are interested I can send images of everything included.