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Need help flashing HK F20A ESC for tricopter


Junior Member
I was following the plans for the RCexplorer 2.6 version, and he used Somon K's firmware using avrdude. Im not able to get this program to work. I have double checked the connections as mosi,miso,sck,-,+,rst.
Avrdude reads the esc then quits before writing. I am using bs_nfet.hex for the file.

This is my first attempt at flashing an esc, so if someone has a step by step, it would be greatly appreciated.

Also...is this necessary for the build?

Thanks Much



Junior Member
Finally realized that I was using USBASP not USBtiny...duh im an idiot. One question would be that the bs_nfet.hex has my ESC listed as pads not in a row, when they actually are. I flashed it anyway, as the F30A ESC used the same file. Was it ok to do this?

Thanks guys...



Misfit Multirotor Monkey
Looks like I'm going to have to use the LazyZero flashing firmware myself.

I'm following RcExplorer's Tri-copter build procedure and now have purchased TWO of the Turnigy Programming cards. Neither worked. Neither even light up when plugged in. Yes, I have the polarity correct plugging the ESC into the card (white signal wire on the inside). Yes, I plug in the card before connecting the battery to the harness. So I'm 95% sure I have done everything correct.

I've found many others in the HK 20A ESC comment section who are not getting the card to work. I'm now to the point of wondering if the card works at all with the Hobbyking 20A UBEC and the card was just mentioned in the build and not actually used. However, I suppose I've received two dead cards in a row. . .