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need help in setting up transmitter

i am a beginner and scratch building the the FT long ez.but i dont know how to set up the transmitter fot this model . i have flysky i6 transmitter


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If you bought it with a receiver then it should be pre bound, if not you will need an ESC with a Battery Eliminator Circuit (BEC) on it and the bind plug. Bind the receiver like this- skip to 1:28 if you want to see the binding process first.
This video shows you how to set up a model as well, you want a plane as your type. Set that up then bind the receiver.
You will then need to set up your dual rates and expo. You need everything built for that, be sure to plug servos into the receiver with everything on to centre them before you install in the model, so they have their mid point ready and put the servo arms on, like in the build videos.
When you have the plane built you will need the deflection gauge off the plans/kit and then shoutvagain so we can run you through rates set up.
This video shows you lots of programming stuff.
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the flysky I6 has the duel rates reversed. meaning if the planes call for 30% expo set the flysky at 70. I learned that the hard way.