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Need help starting the hobby

Hi guys,

I've been watching a looott of youtube videos about rc planes and stuff and i want to get into the hobby, but im scared to buy stuff in case it ends up being the wrong equipment. My goal is to scratch build my own fpv platform in a few months time.

I was hoping someone could recommend what sort of transmitter and any other equipment i should buy in order to get started.

P.S. I went onto the hobbyking website and the AXN FloaterJet really caught my eyes, so if you could advice me on what i'll need, that would be great :)

Thanks in advance!


Note: I copied this post to the FliteSchool Forum, but i don't know how to delete this one :S could someone let me know how to delete this please :p
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Pirate ParkFlyer
scratch building a fpv platform in a few months time without any experience in the hobby? That's just about impossible...learn to build and fly 1st, it may take a while, then worry about fpv...