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Need help with S6R receiver


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I must be suffering brain fade or having a fit or something because I can't get my Taranis and S6R receiver to work my servos. The receiver binds OK and the throttle works perfectly, but none of the servos will move. What have I done wrong? All inputs, mixes, etc look the same as any of my other models and the dots move on the home screen when I move the sticks. The servos centre when I connect them. Interestingly, I tried the throttle on other channels. The motor immediately ran up to high speed regardless of what I did with the sticks.


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great idea, thanks. It's got us closer to a solution, but a way to go yet. I set up the new model with just the basics and throttle on Ch 1. Before throttle was on Ch3. Now only the elevator works, which is on ch3, so it looks like the Rx is only responding to Ch3 for whatever reason? This bloody OpenTx drives me nuts!


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For an S-series RX in stabilizer mode you must use AETR channel order. I recommend you set you default channel order to AETR since it is assumed by several FrSky specific accessories...S-series RXs and the multi-module in particular.

S-series RXs require a specific set of steps to set up in stabilizer mode. If you want to use it as an ordinary RX you wil need to ensure that Stablizer mode is turned off. See the RX manual for this information.


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I also found I needed to run the calibration on the S series receivers before they will start to behave right even in manual mode.

The stabilized FrSky receivers are not the easiest thing to get working - I do lots of OpenTx programming and bang my head into the wall with the S6R and S8R sometimes.


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The model was copied from one that was working OK with another S6R. The problem seems to be with the receiver. I guess I'll have to flash it and see what happens. The problem is that my dongle and software are on my other PC where I have no heating, so I didn’t want to do it unless I had to. In the meantime, I installed a £4.50 Orange receiver as I don't need the stabilisation in this plane (FT 3D).