need help wizard x220 betaflight


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I am brand new to quads and have a few questions for anyone who can help. I have a qx90 that came supplied with an eachine i6 tx which as i understand is the same as a flysky i6. I just recently purchased wizard x220 arf version and an fs-ia6b receiver. I am able to bind the tx/rx fine and then successfully flashed latest firmware on betaflight. I followed a very good video guide on betaflight config but could get no response from my tx. I tried both sbus and ppm and configured the corresponding ports in betaflight. At this point after no luck getting response from tx I accidentally changed a uart port and saved that is now preventing me from connecting my flight controller to betaflight at all. I keep getting serial port errors and am locked out of betaflight. I'm truly frustrated at this point and would greatly appreciate any help. A few other questions: 1. Is the wizard x220 ARF capable of being flown right out of the box after binding to a receiver or is betaflight required to activate the control board? 2. The tx I have is eachine i6 supposedly a clone the flysky version but I noticed in a video binding the flysky to an fs-ia6b, in the rx setup menu on the tx itself, there is an option to turn PPM on/off. My rx setup menu does not show this option. The first line is AFHDS then RX battery, failsafe etc. Does this mean my tx is incompatible with other receivers, with ibus, ppm? Again im very green about this stuff but appreciate any help you guys can offer. Particularly on how to help me get reconnected to betaflight. Thanks again