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Hello everybody my name is Gary I'm from Auckland New Zealand I hope someone can help I'm desperately looking to start building flight test models but we don't have Dollar tree foam board in New Zealand. We do have fun board but it is 5 mm sick. Could someone please advise if it's ok to use 5mm foam board or if you live in New Zealand what are the options would I have and where would I get it from. Here is a link to the foam board I can get


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that is the elmers foamboard. yes you can use it but it will be heavier and you will need to plan for this. tail weight is a the biggest issue but can be overcome by bigger motor and battery forward of the CG. it also eats razor blades a lot quicker than the adams ready-board.

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I'd bet your not the only builder in your area who'd like this foamboard. How about figuring out who else would like some and then placing a big order from FliteTest.
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Hi and welcome. You can buy "Readi Foam Board" from Uncle Bill's. Almost the same as Flite Test foam board but not sealed. You can seal it yourself very easily. Search for it in the article section.
Shout if you need more info. Also look at the posts of bracesport, he has got a few scratch builds in readi board. I myself has done 2 builds in readi board and another two in the pipeline.

The Jasart board from Bunnings weighs 50% (183 gr/board) more than readi (120 gr/board) and Flite Test board (115 gr/board), so building with that board will make your build overly heavy and problematic to balance and to fly properly. (Ask me, I had to re-build a Simple Cub because of that. Also from NZ in the South Island.)
Link to Uncle Bill's website.



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Hello everyone - new member, first post

Foam board - Reno Art foam board - Aussie company
I got mine from Look Sharp, Glenfield, thanks to the helpful gentleman at Reno Art NZ office in Onehunga
A1 sheet - 591x 840 x 5-ish mm, measured - weighs 168g per sheet - but take your scales, some are 215g
So that's 338 grams per square metre (gsm) - comparable to Readi Board and Flite Test
And way better than Jasart, and the board from Takapuna Art - about 460 gsm
And it's $8 per sheet

Tape - I use Sellotape Diamond Clear - strong, polypropylene, UV resistant (I think)
And dress the plane with signwriter vinyl offcuts - ask, they let you empty the scraps bin...


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