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Need Input Perfecting TNB Tailed/Trainer Nutball!


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Had this idea for a while to make a tailed Nutball that would fly more like a basic trainer with a hint of Nutball(and it does), what I've come up with flies decent,but is kind of awkward and far from polished. I want to get some community input on making an optimized, more practical and aesthetically pleasing version than the current prototype. Here is a vid of it flying:

Some things I want to change:
1.) Too much dihedral. My prototype obviously has too much. Any of you more experienced builders and flyers have a suggestion for an optimal dihedral angle for this build? I have each wing cracked at a 30 degree angle which is probably a lot considering the full wings are dihedral.

2.)Perfecting the CG and thrust angle. These things seem good but could probably be better.

3.)Changes to design; looks a bit awkward, I am going to make a wider fuselage box and either cut the nose down to a basic standard tractor Nutball and leave the tail feathers, or the other option is to go with a high mounted pusher, but I want one with a different aesthetic than the exact one I use for my slender deltas. Option three, a prop in slot. Thoughts?

Anyway, let me know what you guys think and how I can improve my design!


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