NEJE Diode laser success with Hobby Lobby FB

After a good bit of experimenting, I finally had success with my diode laser and Hobby Lobby black foam board (black paper and a black core). My laser is the large Neje 3 Max with the A40640 laser head. I clean up the plans with Inkscape and burn with Lightburn software. The lightburn auto detects the different colors and sets up a different cut for each color. For a full cut I go 3 passes, 100% power, at 6000mm/min speed. For a score cut I go 2 passes at 70% power, same speed. For a shallow score (like a blue line on a wing) I go 1 pass at 50% power, same speed. If I just want to cut the paper (like for peeling it) I go 1 pass at 25% power, same speed. Finally, if I just want to leave a reference mark on the paper without cutting it I go 1 pass at 15% power, same speed. By keeping the speed real high, it prevents the laser from lingering and reduces melting. It only takes a couple minutes for a full sheet. All cuts are with air assist.
Cost: the hobby lobby foam is $2.99 per sheet but it is worth the cost for the convenience.
Weight: it is a little heavier. I weighed 5 sheets each of Hobby Lobby black, Dollar Tree black with white core, and regular DTFB. The DT black weighed 103.4 grams. The regular DTFB weighed 112 grams. The Hobby Lobby black weighed 158.2 grams. I made up some of the weight by adding holes to internal sheets such as wing spars and doublers (see pictures).
Strength: this HL foam seems a little stronger. The paper adhesive seems a little stronger as well. It also takes spray paint as long as you go multiple thin coats. See the picture of the canopy that I painted. Blue painters tape sealed well and was easy to peel off.
For my first plane I tried Airc-Pirate's 50mm EDF Goshawk. Overall it turned out pretty good. I call it the "Bat Jet" I will have to wait till spring for the maiden.
Here are quite a few pics.