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Hi guys and gals--I'm a newbie and it will likely show anyhow I need some help-I just scratch built an FT Explorer and bought a C pack to run it- Unfortunately the motor was the old style tractor pod type (Flitetest radial 2218--1180kv--v1) with only tractor mounting I would like to buy a new pusher type that is compatible with my plane and the new pod any suggestions


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Motors can be tractor or pusher. You just have to change props so the numbers are facing in the direction you want the craft to go. You may have to change two of the wires to reverse motor rotation as well. Just use nyloc prop nuts if you are worried about torque or impact loosening the prop.

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There should be holes on the back of the motor that will have it mount like the smaller motor they showed, not like the emax 2215 c pack motor, the bigger one. Your radial motor, the new version, will work great for the explorer, but if you want to use the old version where they mounted the motor behind the firewall, here’s a link to that exact motor. They are about $20 and will work with all the electronics from your radial c pack. https://store.flitetest.com/emax-gt2215-09-1180kv-brushless-motor-emx-mt-0409/p694266
I hope this helps. Just to state it again, you have the newest version of the c pack which they don’t show in the build video yet. The old c pack motor that I linked will mount like the one in the video. Your radial motor will mount very similar to the smaller motor they showed, you’ll just have to screw the screws in from the back of the firewall. Good luck!