New Brisbane RC Club Coming SOON!


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It will be the last as well as the first!
The first modern club based upon current technology and safety requirements. Too many old experts who actually know squat about current gear.
Rules - minimal (minimal club rules that is but laws will be followed.
No ruling committee or rule by committee!

OH! Also membership by invitation only!

I may visit if I live long enough and COVID does not get me!

Have fun!
Oh well good luck with the club!


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Was wondering what you were up to and how the agendas were going. Wish you the most success
I spent a fair amount of time studying the law, court processes, and the current applicable RC technologies.
Mind you have done quite a bit of extra study on the telemetry add ons and firmware updates available.
Flown a little but not that much.
Just need to file a few more documents and then the real battle can commence.

The end is in sight! (one way or the other)!

Have fun!