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New Brisbane RC Club Coming SOON!


Old and Bold RC PILOT
Just a note to inform those in the Northern Suburbs of Brisbane, (Aus), that a new club is forming and will start in the new financial year.

The club will be less a pile of rules and regulations and more a club of promoting responsible RC flying.

Some of the things already established are;

Demo flight models with Buddy Box setup to give first flight experiences to those spectators wishing to give it a try.

Assistance with learning to fly including loan aircraft, Repair assistance, and even Building assistance for those who wish it.
Proper flight instructors with path to licence if required.

Assistance with plane setup and pre-flight and even Test flights if requested.

A "Free" FT aircraft, (no Electronics of course), as a gift upon successful completion of first level competency for financial members.

3 flying fields to chose from with a new field, (Fourth), being supplied by local authorities as main field.

Repair service available for all aircraft, (you supply or pay for any required parts).

Retired aircraft pooled and available for sale, (Nominal fee), with funds going towards club assets and running expenses.

Building assistance and even a building service available.

Loan wing and fuselage Jigs, 3D Printing and a plans service.

NO ANONYMOUS members and club service suppliers available via email for outside hours assistance.

A minimum of 3 field days each week, (subject to weather conditions).

Currently trying to negotiate member discounts with local parts suppliers and model shops for preferred supplier status.

Perhaps if all works out it could be the RC club model of the 21st century!


Wake up! Time to fly!
Sounds like you have a nice start mate. Good luck in growing the club. I think it will be easy if you are able to keep up with all that stuff to help new pilots. How many existing members are there to start with all that? Covering 3 - 4 fields would be hard work for sure.


Old and Bold RC PILOT
The club is being formed with about a dozen members who are all experienced fliers and all of them are a little tired of the "Empire Builders" that seem to rise to control and dictate the old style clubs.

The 3 current and one new field to be available soon are already fully maintained by either the local council or the field owner or lessee. Our instructors cover both Mode 1 and Mode 2 and a multitude of different radio types.

A pool of trainer aircraft is already being assembled for use by visitors and newbies, (under expert guidance of course). The only rules we are enshrining in the club rules are safety and behaviour related.

All visitors welcome, so pack your radio gear if you ever holiday in the vicinity!


Old and Bold RC PILOT
Just an update!

Turns out the grandiose plans for the club have not been met and the club has become a prisoner of the very empire builder types that the members so denigrated at the club formation.

Bullying and even threats are in frequent use against errant members with punitive rulings made on the fly and ratified by a rank and file aware of the temper and power of certain members. I will remain to fight for the club and the proper implementation of the ideals but until that is achieved I make one recommendation:-


Stay away and have fun!


Posted a thousand or more times
Sorry to hear that Hai-lee, I know what you mean about Empire builders!

My club is pretty good, but there are a few cranky "old farts" to use common language.


Old and Bold RC PILOT
Making threats, temper displays, yelling, and making statements like "I wanted to grab you by the throat" are not the things I would expect from any club!

Accepting bullying and even failure to abide by casa regulations are part of the issues but make a little too much noise and expect a full bullying event to ensue.

Friendly? Bah Humbug!


Old and Bold RC PILOT
No! I believe we all have a right to associate freely and enjoy our hobby BUT I expect everyone to behave in a civilized manner and respect the rights of others!

In addition I believe in if you cannot help another shut up and allow someone who can help take over!

Finally I expect anyone who bullies others to cease it immediately, (and permanently). If unable to stop the behavior they should leave in the interests of the club!


Skill Collector
I'm sorry to hear things turning sour for this club experience. I really believe you've got a good model planned out, but not sure how to help with the super disruptive bullies. :(


Old and Bold RC PILOT
I suspect the main bully was once considered to be the local Guru of RC and I used to seek advice from him but his knowledge is actually quite limited. Over time my growth in experience and knowledge, because of continuous research, building and flying, (plus hundreds of unique designs), has caused others to actively seek my advice rather than his.

Now I build and fly things which amaze many but I do such builds and research to develop a product brand of my own in the local market. Never had I planned to become any form of mentor for our club it just seemed to have happened. Whilst I should have suspected that he might become jealous, it definitely never occurred that he would use bullying as a matter of exerting control to force others to see that he is the real power and mentor within the club.

Sadly for him my history with bullys is one of standing my ground and fighting. There is the option of destroying the club or even causing extreme hardship for the club members, that is not my aim but rather an avenue of last resort.

Now I have an aircraft, (which I continually reconfigure for research), permanently banned because the bully deemed it was too loud. I have lodged complaints of bullying and I wonder what the club response and/or decision to bullying will be and if bullying is proven what the club decision will be considering my aircraft's permanent ban for a single noisy flight.

From others on the forum it seems that my club is not unique in this area and perhaps the forums need to start a "Clubs to avoid" thread.

As before I will provide feedback on any progress because others may be wanting to know how to combat bullys in their local club or area.

Have fun!


Old and Bold RC PILOT
Well it is time to start a new club! So far the club membership sits at 8 and so I need just one more before I can legally formalise the club!
As you might imagine the club rules are such that the federal regulations reign supreme with a greater focus upon crash free flying for all members! The club membership is by invitation only and at least initially there is no club fees required. The only disqualifying trait is the inability to NEVER become aggressive towards to any other club member or demand club rules outside of the federal regulations.

The old club with its retro rules, (no fully compatible with the newer radio systems), is becoming a complex web of club rules and demands, (some of which actually conflict with federal regulations). In the last three weeks they have lacerated one persons arm and crashed three planes. Mind you they are all following the same club rules that I refused to.

Anyway enough politics, We fly the PACIFIC!!!! (A little secret - there is more ocean on this planet than there is land).

Have fun!


Old and Bold RC PILOT
Your about 1750km too far south for me, I will follow along just for the ride. Cranky old farts muck it up for everyone dont they!
Sadly they do! Unfortunately their experience, (with RC over the years), ran head on with my years of trade training and experience. Sadly I refused to do the wrong thing and so the club lost an instructor, mentor, repair service, (for free), and a source of FB planes, (also for Free).

NOW as a result I am flying off water and absolutely love it!

Now I am having fun!


Active member
Sadly they do! Unfortunately their experience, (with RC over the years), ran head on with my years of trade training and experience. Sadly I refused to do the wrong thing and so the club lost an instructor, mentor, repair service, (for free), and a source of FB planes, (also for Free).

NOW as a result I am flying off water and absolutely love it!

Now I am having fun!
Come visit when your in FNQ. @Hai-Lee