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Toothpick glider kid
The Discovery is one of my new and seemingly popular designs which uses very inexpensive electronics to make a very durable, slow flying, and forgiving micro plane.


I originally designed this model for micro fixed wing FPV but after some tests this quickly turned into a great beginner platform because it is easy to fly, and is very durable compared to other micro models. Because of all of these attributes of this model, and seeing others build it from the FREE PLANS. This has lead my to making kits of this model to support my YouTube channel!


Each kit will take some time to ship out because I will make them as you order them. I cannot guarantee the time as of yet because I do not know how many will be ordered. All of the Discovery kits are hand cut by me with a hot knife.

hot knife.jpg

The hot knife makes the cuts very clean and seals the foam just like a laser cutter, but without the giant divot in the edge of the foam.

Each kit will be $10 and will include
  • The Discovery (cut out not assembled)
  • 2, 16.5" push rods
  • 2 mighty mini control horns

What is needed to complete
  • Firewall for motor to attach to (can be made from thin plywood or an old gift card.)
  • Electronics (motor, esc, servos, reciever, transmitter, battery, etc...)

Electronics List
These are the electronics from the FT store that can be used for this kit





Total for FT electronics $47

It is a little more expensive than my Banggood electronics that I used but it helps support FT and what they do. Also it won't take forever to ship and these electronics can be run up to 4s lipos! (although I would not recommend this with this model)

Also if you want to use the Banggood electronics I used they are here





Total for BG Electronics $30

So overall if you want to get this as your first kit you can get it for as little as $40 for everything excluding a transmitter, plus you can support my channel so I can make more awesome designs around this micro platform!

Right now is just for pre-orders only, I will start shipping out orders on the 13th of march, and will throw in a pack of toothpick gliders for the first 20 orders!


Payment is accepted through the cash app or PayPal. Email me for an order, make sure to include how many kits you want.


Any other questions let me know!
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