New forum member from KY.


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Just wanted to say hey and introduce myself. I’m originally from east central Illinois and now live in Todd county KY. I first got into the hobby in my teens through an older gentleman who flew balsa nitro planes mostly high wings. We built a few and flew together for a few years until I joined the army. During that time I put down the transmitter and sold off all of the related stuff. That gentleman passed away this last winter and in thinking about the time we spent together I decided to start flying again. I currently fly electric dtfb planes I have built 2 with one on the table almost ready to maiden all scratchbuilt from my head and rough guidelines found from online calculators. But anyways I’m hoping to make some friends here possibly find some local guys to fly with and to share my builds and follow others. Thanks all.


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Howdy and welcome to the forum. Not close enough to fly with but I'll be in the air with you anyway! Great group and if you have questions it is here you'll find answers I'm sure. May your flights be long and your landings always soft!


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Thanks y’all. I typically build roughly using ed’s Experimental airlines techniques. I’m a fan of flight tests build techniques as well. My first build since starting up again was a noob tube, lol may it rest in pieces. This is my second more of a old trainer style. Will post pics of the new one tonight hopefully after it’s finished.


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Welcome aboard and as @kdobson83 said...welcome to the addiction! Your plane looks pretty good and yeah Experimental Airlines is a good channel. KY here too, but on the eastern side. Seems like all the Kentuckians here are spread all over.
I think the nearest club to me is croften or Danville. Which is surprising considering the amount of flat land and farmers near me. It’s definitely addicting building with such cheap materials. I’m currently building and flying with 1 power setup until I can order another. So far I’m mostly working on my building skills and designs. Getting a feel for everything all over again.