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New Here - Glad to be here!

Good evening everyone! First off, I'm new here and SO excited to be apart of this community. I've been flying RC since I was 10 (now 17), I purchased my first racing quad last year, and have always loved anything to do with flight. In fact, I plan to study astronautical engineering in college. However, I've fallen out of it in the last year, partly due to winter, partly because of being busy. I've been watching the Flight Test youtube channel for about 3 months now, and their team has inspired me to dive, head first, back into the hobby! Also, my father and I will be attending FFE this July! 5 months is too far away, I'm too excited. :)

Recently I purchased an Inductrix FPV to be able to practice indoors during the rest of the winter season. Over the last few weeks I've been doing a lot of research; now I'm realizing I should have built a mini whoop instead of buying the Inductrix, but what are you gonna do. I can't express how excited I am to fly again. I hope I'm able to share my love and experience for flying with all of you. While being able to grow and expand my horizons even further when it comes to this hobby (or job) we all cherish so dearly.

Happy flying,
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Hi Sam and welcome to the community!
I've been flying RC since I was 12. I'm 52 now. (dang! 40 years!) It never gets old.You're in a great place to share knowledge.
Best of luck,


Wake up! Time to fly!
Welcome to FT bud.

I see you already have the "Build" bug. Run. Run now. Run as fast as you can before true addiction sets in. ;)

Hopefully you get to do that build and learn and progress. Specially with having a good goal of getting into aeronautical engineering. Good luck in that endeavor and be sure to get us plenty of pics and videos of what you do. Sharing is a huge part of what makes this place so awesome.