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Got the Stanley duel-melt pro hot glue gun today for $60 to replace my 20 year old one that overheats and melts everything. Looks great out of the package, very big, and has a sturdy stand I was looking at the adteck pro 100 and I decided on this one because it has the high and low tempature settings as long with the automatic turnoff after 15 minutes of not using. Spreads about 20 cm strip of glue with the normal tip and all purpose sticks and the gun on low temperature with full pull of trigger.


Knower of useless information
Looks like a nice gun! I might have to pick one up as a secondary; the Adtech gun that I have as a secondary just doesn't cut it with the constant trigger pulls to get the glue to flow...
ya was just doing some more testing and does not melt the foam inside of the foam board on low temp but on high temp, it does just a little
The new Stanley one, I have an old one that I have had forever, but after it is plugged in for about eight minutes the glue starts to boil the glue.