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New member receiver question

Hi I'm a new member here. Flite test has given me back the gift of flying RC planes with the foam board construction. Thank you.

I have a question. I accidently ordered a quarter receiver with my transmitter. Is it possible to use it for airplanes if I redo the male wires and make them female? Its made to plug into a flight controller but wi


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Not if it doesn’t have any servo plugs. Aircraft controllers need PWM outputs through the servo pins to make the servo move the control surfaces. A Quad or FC based receiver usually doesn’t need the ability to power servos. In a quad it just sends control signals to the FC, which then sends them to the ESC’s.
More information and a picture of your receiver will help get better advice.


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Wouldn’t it be easier to just sell that one on and get a plane ready one? You could save it for a quad too.
The 6 channel Flysky RX is under $15?