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New start after a long break / Little toy and versa in progress


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Just wanted to say I'm new to the hobby even though I flew some helicopters in my early 20s.
Want to get into fixed wing and building. Let me say it's not as easy as it looks! I got a few hiccups but progress with practice right? Anyways here ya go

IMG_20200417_223059.jpg . IMG_20200417_223048.jpg


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The versa looks good and is one of my favorite planes. If you can fly a heli you can fly the versa. Definitely use the recommended expo and throws to start. Also, you don't need full power to launch the versa - half to 3/4 is fine. No big throw either just a straight ahead slightly up will do it. Also consider a bungee launcher - I've had a good experience with the versa that way. My last versa pictured
(3rd) went straight in from 100' due to a bad transmitter or receiver. My next one will be a twin motor.


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Danskis: My wife banned me from skydiving or taking pilot class so I resumed RC flight instead.....adding an FPV camera is somewhat close to real things.
How do you go for two motors on Versa Wing? How about one tracker and one pusher that would be cool!


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@shadeyB : I built a FT Spear for FPV (used to do that on a balsa Cub but the prop noise is annoying). That was my first wing so it was hard for me to tell where she was heading. She ended up on a monkey bar! I replaced the broken wing and added fuselage, so my son has a push jet now