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Well hello everyone,
first post here, just a bit about myself: 30yr male, had a life time interest in flight and planes thanks to my father. He worked as a board certified A&P mechanic for a small shipping company most of my life. He worked on Cessna 208s, embraer 110s, and a shorts aircraft. I think it was an SC.7 skyvan. So I grew up in and around airplanes. I am no stranger to building models, I have won several awards for scale model building. I usually built scale armour and aircraft. Recently, I found flite test and showed to my 8 year old son, and we have made it a habit to watch flite test and we love it. I dipped my toes into foam board building with a quick build of a mini scout. To which my son, Noah, ran away with the almost complete plane, it lacked the card stock upper section and wheels. But, Noah ran with it, and it became a chuck glider. This weekend I plan on getting with my son and doing some simple chuck gliders off the forum. Should be tons of fun, I cant wait. Currently on my work bench is a balsa wood SKOKIE, which I am modifying the design to include a removable tail section, 3 position rudder, and adding a dummy radial engine. I also have several flite test designs on my "need to build" list. I tend to enjoy weird or unusual plane designs such as the f-82 twin mustang, the xf5u/v-173 flying pancake.

so thank you for reading my novel about myself, I look forward to the building and interaction!



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Welcome to the family @tetraodontoxin. Great intro. Looking forward to hearing more about you and your sons journey into RC. This place is kind of a support group for airplane and multirotor addicts. If you're on Facebook, there is also a Flite Test Fans group there with almost 22,000 members.