New to FPV help setting RX to TX.


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Hi. I’d really appreciate help syncing my FPV TX and RX.

I’m very new to FPV and maybe paying the price for buying such a cheap kit below.

When I hook-up separate 3S power to both the monitor’s RX side, and camera’s TX side, I get a blue screen no matter which FR and CH channels I select. The RC832 Receiver has buttons to change the FR and CH, and the TS5823 transmitter has 6-pins to set up or down to match the FR and CH. thank you. Package:
- 2.8MM 700TVL Mini Camera x1 PAL
- 5.8ghz Antenna(TX & RX) x1
- TS5823 5.8G 200MW Transmitter x1
- FPV RC832 5.8G Receiver x1
- 7 Inch HD LCD TFT Screen Monitor x1


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I would go to the monitor makers web page or scroll thru the settings to see if there is a no blue screen setting.

Its not safe nor frugal to fly fpv with it if you cant. Once they go blue screen most times you will crash long before it has strong enough signal to reconnect.

Might work ok for ground fpv but for flight at best its a ride along monitor for others to watch with.
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Thank you both for your valued opinions. I scrolled through the monitor settings, it has no mention for a choice of Blue Screen on/off.

I spoke to a CA based FPV store last night who kindly put together a 4-piece FPV shopping list that will work together (Camera, TX, Antenna, and a dedicated FPV Monitor with built-in RX) to get me started again, I just bought it and will try again with this new set-up that I should have started with. I appreciate you routing me to a non-blue screen monitor.
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