New to FPV... Looking to 3d print and build my first drone


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Hey guys!
I recently discovered the FPV hobby and would love to give it a go but I'm a bit worried about the cost. I have a 3d printer (Ender 3 Pro) that I use quite a bit and I read that it's possible to print a lot of the plastic components of a racing drone...? However im still pretty sure it will cost a fair bit with the camera and controller etc. Could anyone provide me with guides or info or resources about where I can read more about how to get started with this? I've found a few basic things with Google searches but I've love to know if anyone of you guys have had experience with specific resources that you can recommend.

Basically any help you can give me with getting started on 3d printing and racing fpv drones as a beginner would be amazing. Thanks 😊


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While it's possible to 3d print frames, they are on the heavy side and less durable than carbon. You can pick up a decent carbon frame pretty cheap. The expensive part is the electronics. If you are just starting out, it might be beneficial to start flying with a good solid build and then work on 3d printing later.