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Hi, I'm new to the forum, just purchased the dr1 triplane, I've been flying rc for about 18 yrs mostly nitro and some electric, looking forward to the triplane, I've always loved the look of them, probably fly in local indoor dome this winter. I got really interested in these designs thru the YouTube videos of flite test, very entertaining flite test.
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Welcome aboard!! Take a good look at FliteTest, when you have a chance.
They are so much more than just entertainment and really cheap RC Aircraft! Good Guys.
Can't wait to see your DR-1 Fly. Those are twitchy and tricky to fly...

Sounds like you've got the Experience to make the Foam Warbirds shine!!


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Thanks, yeah I don't get the dr1 for a week, till them I'm searching the site and forum, definitely a lot of good info.


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Welcome to the madness of foamboard mate.

When you do the build be aware these tend to be extremely tail heavy outta the box. Many have to add signifigant nose weight.

Plan for that as you build since you are more experienced then most people doing that build.

Good luck and be sure to post lotsa pic and vids as that is what powers our forums.


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Well, I started on dr1 halfway thru fuselage I realized differences in video to my parts, I check remaining parts and saw the printed name on foam, it said se5 biplane, but it had the paper card for dr1 triplane, Lol . So I guess I'm now building the se5, I'll probably order the dr1 and stress they should check the kit before they send. I really like the triplane looks. It's hilarious I didn't count he wings on the foam.


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I emailed FT and they're sending the dr1 triplane out, they didn't have to, lol, I only contacted to inform them of misidentified kits, but that's nice of them. Thank You FT
They're like that. I had an issue with the paper peeling off the foamboard, and they kind of went ballistic. They sent me out a whole new kit, even though I said it wasn't necessary. We're all family here. They are definitely part of it. Heck, they created it.

Welcome to the Family. I can't wait to see pics and videos.


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Well, glad they fixed the issue. The good thing is, now you have both. Lol I scrtach build my se5. Have a 1806 motor in it on a 3s 800mah battery. It balanaces out perfectly. Flys super slow. Wish it had ailerons tho... Welcome to the community.