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new website design


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so the new site seems like its being polished out and it seems like its missing some parts but as for the look and feel its really cool. just wanted to put it out there that i like the new webpage look! also like the channels and the profile access on the main site too. as well as the hot forum topics notepad

keep up the awesome work guys!!

Edit: so between my first look and now it seems like the website has been finished, so now it looks a ton cooler! even more awesome!
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No two ways about it . . Only problem I'm having with it is finding articles that I've missed and I keep getting stuck reading them :)
Wow...what a change. So far looks good (of the little I have explored it). It will be interesting to see how the author approach works out. It seems like a good idea. Thanks for all the hard work!!!


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Ah, that happens when you select Red test 003. To fix it, go to the forum actions drop down menu, select general ssettings and scroll down to the forum skin options


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I like the overall look and design.

I do NOT like how you're presenting your videos. I liked the old site where I could hit it a couple times a week...and the new video was right there...top left. I look at the site now...and I have no idea where the new videos are posted.

My $0.02 worth.