Hello, and thanks for welcoming , me! I am 65, and I got the bug to fly (way better than the "BeerBug). Caught it from my Twin, He's an ultralight pilot, with no plane. As I started getting interested in RC, he did too, so we both have planes and radios on the way. I am a long time flight simmer, with no other flying experience. As we were investigating RC flying we both came across Flite Tests on YouTube. If I had done a deeper dive sooner, I might not have spent money on a PNP, but I did get an Edo SkyHawk. My brother got a Volantex Ranger 2000. We both decided on Flysky FS-i6X radios with 10 channel receivers, as our "newbie radios". But after watching FliteTest Videos, we are both planning build projects in the near future. I expect our hangar will grow rapidly. I am looking at the Long EZ, and the Foam Fighter's FF-23, for the very near future. with a P-38, and probably an F4U on the horizon. I am also thinking of an OV-10 with "Guinea Pig" type construction, and have thoughts of designing an OV-1 Mohawk OV-1-Mohawk2.jpg (a twin engine, tri-tail, Army Photo Recon Plane... I was a Signal Corp Photographer).
I have been aware of and slightly interested in RC Flight for decades. I have been a HAM for 40 years, and RC used to be a big part of HAM Radio. Now that we are retired, there's no time like the present, cos tomorrow may be too late, LOL
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Good to have you here! I did the LongEZ first, too. It's an easy build but a handful to fly. After putting a dent in the side of the barn with it I stepped back to the tiny trainer and am glad I did. Lot's of fun to fly and easy to repair.
Signal here, too. Big Red One microwave relay.
Thanks guys, I think I will start with the Sonicmodel SkyHawk. It gets good reviews as as a beginner flyer, and I will be building it with an F7, and Betaflight. Plans are to use this for FPV once I master line of sight.


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