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Newb Tricopter Questions


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Hi Everyone! After watching a ton of Flitetest videos on Youtube and reading dozens of articles, I've finally decided to take the plunge and build my first RC aircraft. I want to start with the Tricopter 2.5HV build, but I have some questions.

First of all, I can't seem to find the DT750s in stock anywhere. Is there a comparable motor that could be recommended for lifting a GoPro camera and FPV hardware? Aside from more lift, what disadvantage would there be to using DT850s instead?

Also, I noticed that on the Anycopter build, they went with 1350 motors. That's almost twice the lift. Why the huge difference in specs?

Another question: I could never find a explanation as to why the Tricopter 2.5 was a high-voltage build. What is the benefit and are there any disadvantages?

Lastly, it seems that there's no way I can order all the parts I need to make a tricopter right now without ordering some of the parts from Hong Kong. Do most people just wait for stuff to come in stock at the US warehouse, or do they just order everything they need at one time to keep the shipping costs down from HK?

Any advice on a parts list that available now from the US warehouse would be greatly appreciated.



Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
DT 750's in stock at International Warehouse 17 Jun 2013 16:46 CST.

The 850 is a much bigger motor and requires "bigger" electronics. 850 can run 4S batteries.

Generally you want to lift your craft at about 1/2 throttle so many motor / prop / esc combinations work.

This hobby requires you get parts where and how you can. If you wait, something will always be out of stock when you order AND will be restocked within minutes after your order is accepted. ;)
Just place your orders from whatever sources you can find and then accept that there is no Fast Service from HK as a general rule. Wait and plan for when all the parts arrive.



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Also, I noticed that on the Anycopter build, they went with 1350 motors. That's almost twice the lift. Why the huge difference in specs?
Are you looking purely at the Kv number when you say twice the lift?

The larger the Kv number, the lower the lift. Not always, (as in the case of the DT850 vs the DT750) but in general, that's the case. Here's a great video that will clear up any confusion.


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Thank you Tritium and Cyberdactyl. I guess I just need to bite the bullet and order from the international warehouse. Also, that video was great. It explained a lot. Now I have a better understanding of how kV and prop size together determine the amount of lift, not just the kV alone.

Another question, if you don't mind. It seems I can get a Turnigy 9X controller from the US warehouse or a 9XR from the international warehouse for about the same price. So which one would you recommend? For the record, I'm trying to compare the 9XR to a modded 9X. I would probably do the backlight mod and change out the transmitter for a frsky.