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Newbie Frysky receiver question.

Hi there, apologies for the simple question I have, I've done some reading through the forums here and can't see the answer.
So basically I've got an old Frysky Taranis x9d transmitter and I want to use it to control a plane. I've been out of RC for a few years and I used to use Spektrum so I don't know what receiver I need for the plane. I need a 6ch receiver.

I've come across a Flysky FS-iA6B, is this what I'm after?

Any help would be greatly appreciated


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for Taranis you need Frsky Rx's - I use the RX6R and the GRX8.

I just got some new RX6R receivers and they are standard as ACCST but can also be ACCESS with a firmware change
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pretty sure you need frysky ACCST protocol receivers (check with frsky) any new frsky can only use ACCESS protocol so stay away from them, there maybe a MULTI protocol module that will run your old Spektrum RX but you will need to check with frsky to see if Spektrum is included
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