Help! Newbie here... Some Questions


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Still amazed how much more budget-friendly planes are vs. my Traxxas slash ultimate ;)

I imagine high performance cars demand a lot of heavy duty machined parts - that Traxxas looks to be in the same budget as 500 size helicopters.

However, if my Blade 500X has been anything to go by - wear and tear through general use isn't much of a thing. And there's a lot less to crash into up in the sky. When it comes to surface models, I've been more a fan of crawlers. I want to maybe one day make a big model of the Base Runner from Homeworld: Deserts of Karak:



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Thanks! I didn't know the dutch roll was from rudder throws. I will keep that in mind when I install pushrods. Also, that sig line is pretty funny :LOL: .
Polyhedral or dihedral wings as well as stabilising flight also correct the plane to level flight after a turn. Unfortunately if you use excessive rudder control on the Old Fogey the wing corrects one way and sometimes over compensates so the opposite wing then corrects. This leads to a roll effect side to side known as a dutch roll. The reduction of rudder deflection can reduce this effect and make turns a lot more smooth.