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next step?


lumpy member
about 6 months ago I got a syma s107, I have done pretty much done all the mods possible to it, (bigger battery, higher pitch tail blade, upgraded main blades, removal of any extraneous weight) but the balance bar and the the fact that it is IR just cant be fixed, and are a huge limiting factor.

so my question to you is, what next? I want a micro heli, so mainly looking at indoors, but possibly outside on a calm day as well. also, if it was under $100, that would be fantastic, but I don't know if that is really possible.

I really dont know much about helis, but I like having a little knock around heli for a rainy day, and the syma is just too sluggish.

any advice appreciated.
hobbyking fp100 or v911 (same thing actually) I've learned flying with it, and still fly it sometimes(but prefer multi's now) it's virtually indestructable and if you do break it a bnf from goodluckbuy only costs $20 (rtf $30~$40)


lumpy member
thanks guys! I probably will include that in my next HK order. do any of you know if it is possible to bind it with my 9x? it is bone stock.