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Nitro to Brushless conversion how to.

I have an EasySport 40 that currently has OS 46 power plant. As I am now flying primarily electric airplanes, I would like to convert my EasySport over to electric. I'm not sure what size motor and esc should be used in the conversion. Also, it would need some air flow inside the fuse to keep the electronics cool. I haven't been able to find a how to online that covers a nitro to electric conversion and I think this is something you guys would be able to do very well.


Old age member
You do not need all to much on a 40-trainer. 4 cell LiPo and 3000-4000 mAh is plenty for me.
The problem might be to get easy access to the battery as a glow model do not normally have a big fast to open hatch.
As for the speed controller i am Always cutting a hole to get the cooling finns on the outside. It keeps the interior dry for the Electronics and receiver as it is on the glow version.