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Foam Addict

Squirrel member
As some of you know, I purchased the ORX JR module for my radio, because JR ZPCM Rx's are very expensive, and all of my flying sites are in line with the same power lines, so It is risky to use PPM.
To make getting this even better, HK began stocking or610 RX in the US.
Then, right after I ordered this module, the orange receivers began to drop out of the us listings.
Now all that's left are the 18 and 23 dollar RX.
Why would they drop the listings??:confused:
Ok, Rant over.:D


Senior Member
The 610 has been essentially discontinued and effectively replaced by the 615. 615 had two antennas. 620 is listed as full range, and has fail safe. Not listed in US store.

Not to worry. Shipping is $3.99 for less than 100g from HK, which is less than what you'd pay from US. Bit longer wait.

Weird. 615 listed as 39g and 620 as 29g.
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